Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are absolutely one of the things that are essential and anyone is able encounter in a home. Carpets look their best especially when they are in best condition and they are totally clean. It is excellent if the carpets are pure clean and dry.

Cleaning the carpet is not an obvious work, incredibly when you are having animal in your residence. There are so various distant accesses on how to take care of the floor covering; there are also few firms that give distinct cleaning service.

We, at the Area Rug Cleaner Queens, we are an eco-friendly experts specializing in drapery, carpet, oriental rug and so does the upholstery cleaning. Our company is known to be the dominant carpet cleaners serving the people for over 30 years and providing service that is qualified.Carpet Cleaning New York

  Wall-to-Wall carpet Shampoo

Shampooing the carpet will certainly help in lifting the dirt away from it, including the pet hairs and those tiny particles that are able to make your carpet look rough, dingy and most importantly smell grotesque. The beverages so do the food spills soak into the carpets fibers, building mildew that is able to turn out to be relevant hurt to the whole family. Our firm issues the finest carpet cleaners that will keep your carpet, clean, looks bright and smell nice and will lengthen the span of the carpet.

Dry Fabric Cleaning in Queens

One of the offer about carpet cleaning that is proposed by our company, this gains popularity around the customers, this approach of carpet cleaning implies the use of the cleaning agents without excess liquid or water. This action reduce the time of cleaning the carpet, it moreover diminishes the risks. The Dry Fabric Cleaning offered by our firm is ideal for all the clients that own some antique, pricey and delicate oriental rugs/carpets.

Typical Steam Cleaning

This is one of the certain deals and offer of our company, the unique Steam Cleaning of carpets. This is a accessible system of a warm water eradication for the carpet cleaning that is marvelous for the carpet cleaning. The warm water is used to clean the outward of the carpet.

Deep Pool Wash Cleaning

This carpet cleaning progress is the precise one when your carpet/oriental area rug is tormented by the stains like blood, oil, coffee, urine, and several more. The carpet is plunge in a huge tank wherein it moves the carpet alternating by means of cleaning solutions, deodorizes, color resistance and moreover water until it is unconditionally soaked to the cleaning agents. This procedure can take 25 minutes or more, not exceeding 1 hour. This kind of procedure is not supported for those carpets that are sisal and silk.


We offer services that will definitely the right choice for everybody. Our company looks right at the carpets in order for us to determine its condition, stains, fading and also the discoloration. We determine the damage the was in there before and do all our best in order to bring back the carpet/ rug to its old self, clean, fresh and odor free. We serve our customers fair and we value each and every client. We’re in the business for over 30 years and serve the people of Queens, New York giving them excellent carpet cleaning results.