Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

Trust Area Rug Cleaner Queens for all your rug cleaning needs. Rugs can give a sense of enjoyment and warmth to your house. As with any other things in your house rugs should be maintained and cleaned regularly.

Area Rug Cleaning

This includes keeping your rug clean and fresh. Taking the necessary precautions to reduce the possibility of permanent damage and ensuring that your rug will remain newer for longer.

Why Choose Area Rug Cleaner Queens?

Most people would designate to clean their area rugs on their own as they need to save money. Are you secure that you are taking care of your rug the appropriate way? Allow Area Rug Cleaner Queens to complete the job for you.

Not only have we been in business for many years but we also have professional cleaners with tons of experience and know how to get rugs cleaner better and more efficiently.

Non-Toxic Cleaning

We use green cleaning fluids in all our cleaning. They are chemical free and odor free. Safe for children, adults, elderly and pets and Ofcourse the environment.

Not like the cleaning engines that can be purchased at certain stores, we use high powered, industrial strength cleaning machines with a strong suction power that allows us to deeply clean stubborn spots and extract the embedded dirt in your rugs.

Our environmentally green cleaning methods secure that those who are sensitive to allergens will not be sick during and after the cleaning process.

Cleaning Options We Offer

Because all rugs are not created equally we have a few different options that would best suit each rug issue…

Steam Cleaning, Shampoo Cleaning, Antique Washing, Hand Washing, Deep Cleaning and Dry Fabric Cleaning. All cleanings are done strictly with all non-toxic, odor free and chemical free products.

Which option is best for your rug and budget? Ask one of our representatives when calling or chatting with them.

How Our Service Works

After the initial appointment set up...
You will get a confirmation call or text the day before.
The tech will contact you 30 minutes before they arrive.
Your rug will be inspected and sized.
Your cleaning option will be discussed.
Your service will be priced.

If you agree with the cleaning option and price we will proceed. If your rug is picked up we will contact you when the rug is ready and arrange for a delivery on the day and time you are available.

If do not agree with the cleaning option and price and would like time to think about it there will be no charge for the estimate. The estimate will remain at the same price for 30 days as long as no other issues occur with the rug in those 30 days.

To set up an appointment for an estimate or service please call 888-353-1728, email us or chat with us. We are here 24 hours, 7 days to assist you.